Animal Medical Center of Cumming, GA

At Animal Medical Center of Cumming, located in Cumming, GA, we understand that your pet is a member of the family. We are committed to individualized care and we always take the time to assure that your cat or dog will receive the care they deserve. Our veterinarians provide personalized attention to each pet and every owner. Animal Medical Center of Cumming offers a wide array of veterinary services for companion pets, including Wellness and Pet Vaccinations, Pet Dentistry, Diagnostics, Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention, Geriatric Healthcare, Microchipping, Lodging and Daycare, Grooming, Pet Surgery, New Puppy and Kitten Consultations, and more!

We are dedicated to providing the best care possible. At Animal Medical Center, we believe in developing long-lasting relationships with you and your special companion, while continually striving to provide compassionate, loving care and making the latest advances in veterinary medicine available. We make every effort to assure that you are informed about all aspects of your pet's care and we are committed to maintaining the quality of health care that your pet deserves.

Veterinary Services & Treatments

Veterinary Services

Animal Medical Center is a full service veterinary hospital. Your pet can be dropped off for examinations, or an appointment can be scheduled if you prefer to stay with your pet.
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Boarding & Day Care Services

You can feel confident that your fur baby will be cared for as if at home. Our caring staff guarantees a clean, safe, and loving environment while you are working or away on vacation.
Boarding and Doggie Daycare

Grooming & Bathing Services

Our groomers make every effort to personally consult with you. More importantly, they are patient and attend to your pet’s individual needs.
Grooming and Bathing

Wellness & Vaccinations

Surely you’ve heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Veterinary care isn’t just for when your pet is sick. In fact, routine care is the most effective way to extend your pet’s life and keep him happy and healthy.
Wellness Exams


A thorough physical exam can disclose many health issues, but sometimes an exam is not sufficient by itself. Since our animal companions can’t speak, they are unable to describe all of the symptoms they are experiencing when they don’t feel well.


Contrary to popular belief, foul breath is not something you must simply live with. In fact, it’s a sign that your pet is experiencing a dental problem. Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in dogs and cats.
Pet Dentistry

Veterinarians In Cumming, GA

Dr. Mike of AMC


Dr. Mike McLaughlin is the owner of Animal Medical Center of Cumming. He attended Auburn University for both his undergraduate and doctorate degrees, graduating in the spring of 1991.
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Dr. Leisa graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in 2001. She remained in Athens and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.
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Dr. Lindsey is the newest addition to our team. She graduated scholar athlete of the year from Meridian Community College before transferring to Mississippi State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in wildlife, fisheries, and aquaculture.
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