Fall Safety Tips for Your Pets

  1. Beware of anti-freeze! Ingesting antifreeze is lethal. Unfortunately both cats and dogs have been known to lick this sweet tasting substance. Make sure to check your car for leaks and make sure all bottles are stored far away from your pets.


  1. Don’t leave your pets outside for prolonged periods of time. It doesn’t have to be Winter for it to get cold–especially for puppies, senior pets and smaller animals.


  1. Beware of ticks. It’s still tick season and playing in the cool autumn leaves is one of the many ways your pooch could get them. Ticks transmit a variety of diseases so ask your vet about safe products for tick prevention.


  1. Let em’ have their fur coat. If you have a dog that you shave during the summer, let him start growing his coat back in the fall. Just like you need your Fall/Winter coat he’ll needs his too. Make sure to have him regularly brushed out by your groomer to prevent matting.


  1. The changing of seasons is great time to check your pet ID tags and microchip. Just take 5 minutes to make sure all of your pet’s information is up to date and in proper order.


  1. Make holiday arrangements with your pet sitter or doggy day care NOW. As the holidays approach, most of us will get busier and possibly have to travel. Take time out and plan ahead so you can make the holidays easier on your pets.


  1. Fall celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Halloween often mean guests coming to visit. Make sure your pets can’t escape through the main entrance of your home. This is especially important if you plan on having several guests in and out of the house this holiday season. It may be worth investing in a baby gate or creating some kind of barrier between the door and your pet.


  1. Be careful with holiday treats and plants. Aside from known hazards such as chocolate, cooked bones, raw bread dough and many fruits and vegetables can also be life threatening to pets. Also, Holly, Mistletoes and Poinsettias are toxic to pets.


  1. Be careful with decorations. Many shiny new decorations look like really fun toys to your pets. Make sure decorations are out of reach because many of them contain toxic metals and can become choking hazards.