How Often Should I Take my Cat to the Veterinarian?

Our cat appears healthy. How often should she be examined by a veterinarian? 

Healthy cats should receive preventive care examinations, or wellness exams, at least once a year by a veterinarian. Senior cats, kittens, and cats with chronic conditions should be examined by a veterinarian more frequently.  

Wellness exams help to identify health issues at the earliest stages when conditions are most manageable and less costly. These visits are also vital to your cat’s individualized healthcare plan.  

A wellness exam includes checking your cat’s weight, muscle tone and abdomen,  assessing her skin and coat, examining her ears, eyes, and mouth, listening to her heart and lungs, and checking her joints, spine and tail. It may also include obtaining and analyzing lab samples.  

In addition to the physical examination, your veterinarian will likely discuss your cat’s nutrition, exercise and environmental enrichment needs, disease and parasite prevention and behavior patterns. Be sure to share any of your concerns or questions about your cat’s health or habits during your visit. You are an important part of your cat’s healthcare team.  

As a member of the family, your cat deserves the best possible care. Partner with your veterinarian to help ensure your cat is as healthy, and happy, as possible.