Spring Season Hazards for Pets

With warm weather approaching, I was reminded of the potential hazards of which you should be aware for the upcoming spring season. With Easter right around the corner, please keep in mind that Easter Lilies and chocolate, as well as some artificial sugars in candy, are all toxic to pets and should be kept far out of reach. Ingestion of these substances can be potentially fatal. Additionally, this is the time of year where everyone is hard at work on their landscapes. Please use extreme caution when administering fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides. Always keep your pet out of the yard during application of any chemicals and for several hours afterward. Wash your pet’s feet with soap and water or use baby wipes to remove any herbicidal residue. Always limit access to the places where these chemicals are stored.

Furthermore, pets typically have more contact with other pets during the warmer months. This results in the spreading of infectious diseases and parasites such as worms and fleas. It is imperative to make sure that your pet remains current on vaccinations and parasite prevention. Remember that it is easier and more cost effective to prevent these diseases and parasites than to treat them. Also, it is in your pets’ best interest to keep them healthy and happy. As always, never hesitate to contact your veterinarian for further advice or questions.