Veterinary Diagnostics Cumming, GA

A thorough physical exam can disclose many health issues, but sometimes an exam is not sufficient by itself. Since our animal companions can’t speak, they are unable to describe all of the symptoms they are experiencing when they don’t feel well. This is why we rely on diagnostics to manage the ongoing health of our patients. Animal Medical Center utilizes a wide variety of tools and technologies to ensure proper diagnosis of your pet. Our veterinarians always start with the basics of routine blood tests and urinalysis before progressing to more advanced techniques like digital x-ray and ultrasound. We’re prepared to quickly diagnose your sick pet so we can develop the right treatment plan to get on the road to recovery right away.

Our hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory which allows us to gather tests results rapidly. With many illnesses or injuries, time is of the essence so quick diagnostics improve the chances for positive outcomes. Our facility features a certified digital radiology suite which allows us to evaluate your pet’s internal health. Digital x-rays can be reviewed instantly and transmitted via computer to a specialist if indicated. We also offer in-house ECGs that allow us to check the electrical activity of your pet’s heart. ECGs provide vital cardiac information in cases of emergency or for pre-surgical evaluation.

It is also important to note that non-emergent labs are equally important. Routine bloodwork allows us to monitor your pet’s baseline health. Having this information helps us better track any abnormalities that arise. An early diagnosis affords more treatment options that can slow the progression of many illnesses. Typically, we will have your lab results before you leave your appointment. Check out our coupons page for specials.

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Vaccines & Wellness

Surely you’ve heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Veterinary care isn’t just for when your pet is sick. In fact, routine care is the most effective way to extend your pet’s life and keep him happy and healthy.
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Boarding & Daycare

We believe in offering services for all aspects of your pet’s wellbeing. This is why we are proud to offer full service boarding and daycare as part of our comprehensive pet care services.
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Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is just as important as keeping him healthy on the inside. There are many health benefits to having your pet groomed. Regular brushing removes dead hair and distributes natural oils throughout the coat which promotes healthier skin.
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Contrary to popular belief, foul breath is not something you must simply live with. In fact, it’s a sign that your pet is experiencing a dental problem. Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in dogs and cats.
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