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How Often You Should Get Your Dog Groomed

When it comes to grooming your canine companion, there is no one-size-fits-all schedule that works for every dog and pet owner. Deciding on a grooming routine depends on your dog’s lifestyle, coat type/length, the season, and a variety of other factors. If your pet spends a lot of time playing outside or tends to get dirty often, then you may need to schedule grooming sessions more frequently. Of course, if you just want to pamper your pooch, a visit to Animal Medical Center of Cumming’s grooming salon is warranted anytime.

Unsure if your dog needs a grooming appointment? If your pup checks off any of the following boxes, they may benefit from regular grooming attention:

  • A long, thick, or double hair coat
  • A hair coat that knots, tangles, or mats easily
  • Floppy or pendulous ears that are prone to infection
  • Frequent swimming or playing in the dirt
  • Recurrent anal gland problems
  • Skin or other dermatological issues such as allergies
  • A lifestyle that requires frequent contact with people in a variety of locations (service or therapy dogs)
  • Allowed onto couches, beds, or other furniture in the home

If your dog fits into any of the above scenarios, consider making a schedule for regular dog bathing. If you aren’t sure how often your pooch will need cleaning, our passionate veterinary team and dog groomers can help you. By telling us about your dog’s health history and lifestyle, or scheduling a wellness exam, we can help you choose the best grooming routine.

Our Dog Grooming Services

We offer a variety of bathing, clipping, and cleaning options for your dog. Our full-service grooming includes a full coat brushing, a thorough wash with pet-friendly shampoo and pet-friendly conditioner, a haircut, and hand-drying. Your dog’s coat will look beautiful and fresh. Additionally, we will trim your dog’s nails and clean their ears as part of a full treatment. On request, we can perform routine anal gland expressions, nail filing, and even tooth brushing.

Regular tooth brushing is an essential part of preventing dental disease in pets. However, professional, anesthetic tooth cleaning is highly recommended for dogs every 6 to 12 months, especially if you have a smaller breed dog or one prone to periodontal disease. Without adequate Pet Dentistry, periodontal disease can quickly become a problem, potentially causing pain, infection, tooth loss, organ damage, and a costly veterinary bill. Adhering to a regular dental cleaning schedule will not only help prevent periodontal disease in your dog but can keep bad breath at bay and keep your pooch feeling fresh. Full anesthetic dental cleanings are not part of Animal Medical Center of Cumming’s grooming services but can be scheduled with the veterinary team.

How to Know if Your Dog Needs Their Anal Glands Checked

To know whether your dog might need an anal gland cleaning, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Scooting on the rug or carpet
  • Frequent licking of the anal area
  • Redness, swelling, or other irritation around the anal area
  • Leaking or discharge from the anus 
  • Pungent, fishy smell from the anus

While smaller dog breeds may be more prone to anal gland problems, any breed can experience issues. Allergies are also a common cause of anal gland infections, along with poor diet. If you are not sure whether your dog needs their anal glands expressed, we can help you determine if it’s necessary. We are here to ensure your dog is comfortable from start to finish.

Schedule Your Dog’s Grooming in Cumming, Georgia

While often overlooked, grooming is a major part of overall pet care and health. In the periods between grooming, it’s important to continue brushing your dog’s hair coat and always check for fleas and ticks after they have been playing outside.

If you’re ready to give your dog a relaxing day at the spa, contact us at the Animal Medical Center of Cumming today at 770-886-8555 to schedule a grooming session.

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